Here's what Boot Camp graduates and business coaching clients have to say about Tristan:

We’re veteran sexuality educators with more than 15 years experience and a fairly high profile in the field. But the truth is, we have a lot to learn about business and marketing ourselves. Tristan’s Sex Educator Boot Camp and our follow up coaching sessions have been immensely valuable for us, and not only for the resources Tristan so generously shares. They helped us home in on our strengths and get beyond our mental and emotional blocks around business. If you’re interested in building a career as a sex educator in a way that’s in harmony with your personal ethics, Tristan can help you find what works for you. This class is a must.

Patricia Johnson & Mark Michaels, Co-authors of Designer Relationships, Partners in Passion, Great Sex Made Simple, Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, and The Essence of Tantric Sexuality

Attending Tristan Taormino’s Sex Educator Boot Camp was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career and for my confidence as a sex educator. Tristan has created an exceptional way to blend her unparalleled knowledge of business and marketing, the sex industry, the sex-positive communities and the sex education world while at the same time, imparting it with the unique wisdom and skills she has acquired over the years. Tristan’s positive, ethical and inclusive attitude toward supporting future and current sex educators, makes each level of her Boot Camp essential for anyone even thinking about getting into the field.

Elle Chase, Sex Writer & Blogger (link NSFW), Sensuality Coach, Sexuality Educator, Speaker

I attended Tristan Taormino’s Boot Camp Level 1, and it was very important in helping me identify areas I struggle with (marketing, advertising, self-promotion, monetizing work) and bring the denial and avoidance to my forebrain. It made a huge difference with valuing my worth (monetizing) as I raised my rates and, strangely, more clients came. I have also utilized Tristan’s business consultation service, and it was incredibly helpful. I was presenting at AASECT and Tristan’s insights on porn helped broaden my perspective on what to discuss, resources available, and formulating a direction and intent for the presentation, which went very well thanks in large part to her support. It was very valuable and I highly recommend Tristan. She’s as good as it gets and I think we should strive to be educated by the leaders in our field.

Dr. Hernando Chaves, Marriage & Family Therapist

JoEllen Notte

Tristan Taormino’s Boot Camp was a game-changer for me. I came out of it more confident, productive and focused, not to mention more able to make a living at what I do. I really can’t speak highly enough about it.

JoEllen Notte, sex writer and educator, The Redhead Bedhead

Annie Sprinkle

Attention sex educators: beginners, intermediate and advanced! Put on your boots and march over to Tristan Taormino’s next Sex Educator Boot Camp. Even after a sexcessful career for 40 years and a PhD in human sexuality, I picked up some great tips to help lubricate me through my next decade. Can’t wait for level 3!

Annie Sprinkle Ph.D, Radical Sex Educator and Ecosexual Artist/Activist

Tristan Taormino’s Sex Educator Boot Camp is what the world has been missing. It strikes the perfect balance between pump-you-up affirmation and specific, nitty-gritty details and tips. Tristan is whipsmart, funny, and above all, realistic. You will be in awe of her, inspired by her, you’ll want to be her – and somehow you’ll leave believing it is possible. Even as just a blogger, the Boot Camp made me feel like there’s a place for me in the sex education landscape. I left invigorated, with an extensive list of ideas that I was excited to implement.

Hey Epiphora

After years of being an educator, I was still discovering the ins-and-outs of working in this industry on my own and often wished for a network of people who could share ideas, tips and resources with each other so each individual wouldn’t be faced with reinventing the sex ed wheel. The things I took home from Tristan’s Sex Educator Boot Camp changed everything for me. Using encouragement, humor and lived experiences, Tristan mapped out effective strategies and exercises for us to apply to our careers to expand our potential in measurable ways.

She taught me to unapologetically value myself as an educator, my time, and other educators who I learned to view as invaluable resources and collaborators instead of competition. Combining the logistics of marketing one’s services and getting paid for what they are truly worth with confidence boosting messages, Boot Camp answered questions I’ve been struggling with for years. Months later, I find myself referencing the notes from this workshop in what has become my manual for navigating this industry. And despite having been an educator for 5 years, the skills I acquired and was given the confidence to put into practice mark the true beginning of my career. This workshop was, undoubtedly, the most important investment I’ve made in my professional life. I urge other educators, writers and sex professionals, in no subtle manner, to expand the possibilities of their careers by securing a seat at the next Sex Educator Boot Camp.

Queeraschino Cherry

Before the trip, a few people asked me what I was going to learn in Tristan Taormino’s Boot Camp classes, and my honest answer was, “I don’t really know, but I do know that whatever Tristan has to say is probably worth it!” And I can now say it definitely was. Her courses covered everything from education and skills to marketing, branding, and networking, and although 6 hours’ worth of practical business advice would normally leave me half-asleep, Tristan made it engaging, inspiring, and at times, hilarious! If you’re considering her classes in the future, I highly recommend them.

Penny for Your (Dirty) Thoughts

We both took Sex Educator Boot Camp I and II, and they were more than worth it. The quality of the information and the educational style is impressive. Tristan talks straight from the heart, with personal anecdotes and hard data. Not only did we get guidance on the industry resources, we got a roadmap to clarity on our mission, execution and sustainability. We strongly recommend the training to anybody getting (or thinking about getting) into the sex educator scene.

Jon & SinD, BlissBringers Podcast

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